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In addition to our website, APPE maintains a listserv of over 2,500 individuals (members and non-members) who are interested in practical and professional ethics and have elected to receive special communications from APPE.   

Limited free access to post information to our website and the listserv are benefits of membership with preference given to organizational / institutional members.  All post requests are evaluated for appropriateness and relevancy to our constituents.  Acceptance of a post request cannot be guaranteed.  Website posts will remain up for a minimum of 30 days.  

Click here to access the Posting Request Form.  

Organizational Members 12 free posts per year (maximum of 3/month)
Sustaining Institutional Member 8 free posts per year (maximum of 2/month)
Supporting Institutional Member 6 free posts per year (maximum of 2/month)
Institutional Member 4 free posts per year (maximum of 1/month)
Individual Member 3 free posts per year
Non-Member $250 per post