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Regional Competitions

APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl®

Regional Competition Information

Regional Case Set:
The 2023-2024 Regional Ethics Bowl Case Set will be used in the regional competitions.

Regions, dates, fees, and contact information:
Regional information for 2023 is below. Registration i s now open!

Please contact the regional representative for additional information. Other questions may be directed to the APPE Office at

*Please note that the Northeast region is FULL. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, contact the APPE Office at

Register for a Regional Competition

Sign your team up to compete in this fall's Regional Ethics Bowl Competitions.

Host institution and location: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023
Fee: $150/team
Contact: Jacob D. Sparks (
Other: Limited to 24 teams.

Central States
Host institution and location: 
Marian University (Indianapolis)
Date: Saturday, November 18, 2023
Fee: $50/team
Contact: Michael Botta (
Eliminated Cases: 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, and 17
Other: Limited to 22 teams. Early deadline for priority: September 29 - 1st team from each school who has registered; if spaces are left, 2nd teams will be accepted in the order they were received. Final deadline: October 14 - any remaining spots will be filled in the following order up to 22 teams total: 1st team from a newly registered school; 2nd team from already registered school. If there are more teams than spots available, random draw of all teams registered by that deadline. If a team drops out after the deadline, we will go to the schools who registered teams that have no yet been placed in the order they were received.

Host institution and location: 
University of North Georgia (Gainesville)
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fee: $300/team
Contact: Rose Procter (
Eliminated Cases:16, 17, and 18
Other: Limited to 20 teams. Teams are admitted on a first come, first serve basis. The 1st team deadline is September 29. If there are still open spots, then we will open a 2nd team registration with a deadline of October 15.

Northeast (FULL*)
Host Institution and location: University of Baltimore
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023
Fee: TBD
Contact: Stephanie Ferrone (
Eliminated Cases: 6, 10, and 15
Other: Limited to 20 teams. Teams are admitted on a first come, first serve basis. The 1st team deadline is September 29. If there are still open spots, then we will open a 2nd team registration with a deadline of October 15.
*If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, contact the APPE Office at

Host Institution and location: 
Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA)
Date: Saturday, November 18, 2023
Fee: $130/team
Contact: Mike Ingram (
Eliminated Cases: 4, 6, 9, 12, and 14
Other: Limited to 12 teams.

Rocky Mountain
Host institution and location:
Colorado School of Mines
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fee: $25/team
Contact: Sandy Woodson (
Limited to 14 teams. Registration deadline is October 13.

Host institution and location:
Rollins College
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fee: $200/team
Contact person: Eric Smaw (
Other: Limited to 20 teams. One team per school (second teams will be allowed to balance out or fill up the competition)

Texas (FULL*)
Host institution and location:
St. Mary's University, San Antonio
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fee: $150
Contacts: Matthew Mangum ( and Andy Brei (
Other: Limited to 18 teams. First come, first served.
*If you would like to be added to the wait list, contact the APPE Office at

Host Institution and location: Bakersfield College
Date: Saturday, November 18, 2023
Fee: No Fee
Contact: Gregory Wright ( and Bryan Russell (
Eliminated Cases: 2, 6, 11, 12, 14 and 16
Other: Limited to 12 teams.

Upper Midwest
Host institution and location: 
University of Chicago
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Contact: Amie Clark (
Fee: $175/team
Eliminated Cases: 2, 4, 6, 14, 15, and 16
Other: Limited to 20 teams. Priority will be give to teams who typically compete in the Upper Midwest Region. Schools may register one team until Oct. 1st.  On Oct. 1st, registration will open for additional teams and schools, on a first come, first serve basis.

Host institution and location: 
Utah State University
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fee: $50/school
Contacts: Richard Greene ( and Rachel Robison (
Registration Deadline: October 27
Eliminated Cases: 6, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023
Fee: $0
Contacts: John Garcia ( and Richard Greene (
Eliminated Cases: 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 16

*Please note, teams may only register for the virtual bowl if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Any regional competition to which your school could reasonably travel is full.
  • Your school is competing at a regional competition, but you have additional teams of students who were unable to compete in that region (for example, because the region limited registration to one team per school).  Please note: If your school is sending a team to the virtual bowl and a team to a regional bowl, the virtual bowl cannot be used as the qualifying region, and the team at the virtual must not contain any students on it that also participated in the regional bowl.
  • The distance required for your school to participate in a regional competition is prohibitive.  Please note that "prohibitive" should be understood in the sense that your school could not safely drive to the regional competition in a day (approx. 8 hours).
  • If your school does not meet one of the three criteria above, but you believe your school has other extenuating circumstances, you may email John Garcia at and make a request to be allowed to compete in the virtual bowl.

Important Information

  • All schools must pay a $130 APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl® program participation fee to APPE to participate in the regional competitions. Most regions have an additional "host fee" to cover their local costs which, this year, is also paid to APPE at the time of registration. Those funds will be distributed to the regions at the close of registration. There is no requirement for APPE membership for regional teams.
  • Teams that qualify for the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl® national competition will pay an additional national competition registration fee to APPE after the regional competitions are completed and the qualifying teams are announced. You cannot register for nationals before receiving a qualifying bid from your regional competition. Click here for more information about the national competition.
  • Your team will not be considered "registered" for any competition until all required forms and fees have been submitted.
  • Some of the source material cited in the cases may be behind paywalls that individual students may have difficulty accessing.  Since colleges will most often have institutional access to these resources, coaches may need to help their team members access these materials through the institution.  In the case that institutional access is unavailable, you can request the original source material by contacting the Chair of the APPE IEB® Council, John Garcia at

2022 Regional Competition Participating Schools: