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Job & Event Postings

In addition to our website, APPE maintains a listserv of more than 2,500 individuals (members and non-members) who are interested in practical and professional ethics and have elected to receive special communications from APPE.  This includes a regular Jobs & Events Posting email that features job openings, upcoming events, calls for proposals, and more.
Limited free access to post information to our website (in the Info Hub, accessible with a login) and the listserv are benefits of membership with preference given to organizational / institutional members.  All post requests are evaluated for appropriateness and relevancy to our constituents.  Acceptance of a post request cannot be guaranteed.  Website posts will remain up for 60 days.   

Organizational Members  12 free posts per year (maximum of 3/month) 
Sustaining Institutional Member  8 free posts per year (maximum of 2/month) 
Supporting Institutional Member  6 free posts per year (maximum of 2/month) 
Institutional Member  4 free posts per year (maximum of 1/month) 
Individual Member  3 free posts per year 
Non-Member  $250 per post  


If you're a member, access the Info Hub to submit your posting. It will go live, pending administrative approval, within two to three business days.

If you're not a member and you're interested in submitting a posting, reach out to

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