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Here are various resources available to help you start a team, as well as connect with and learn from others in the Ethics Bowl community.


What is the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl?
7 Steps to Starting an Ethics Bowl Team
Why Compete in the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl?

Videos from the 2023 Summer Ethics Bowl Workshop

ABCs of the Ethics Bowl
Video 1: Introduction (7:46)
Video 2: Recruiting a Team (9:21)
Video 3: Preparing a Team (14:50)
Video 4: What to Expect at the Regional Bowl (24:49)
Video 5: What to Expect at the National Bowl (11:47)
Video 6: Final Considerations (9:43)

Resources for Ethics Bowl in the Classroom (from 2023 and 2022 Summer Workshop participants):

Example Syllabi and Evaluations:
Applied Ethics: Ethics Bowl (Kyle Robertson)
Philosophy 312: Ethics -- Ethics Bowl (Christa Johnson)

Self and Peer Evaluation for thinking about cases (Provided by Jennifer Kling

For Information on structuring a course where students play a large role in designing it:
Contact Benjamin Rider

Case Archives

National High School Ethics Bowl Cases
APPE IEB® and Regional Ethics Bowl Cases (currently not in service)

Other Resources for Cases / Ethics in the News:
The Prindle Post (From The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics)

Tool for Annotating Cases and Readings:

Scrimmage Interest Sheet (2022)
Please provide your contact information on the Google doc if you would like to allow teams to contact you to arrange a scrimmage. Also, please check out the document to see who else might be interested in arranging either an in-person or virtual scrimmage.

National High School Ethics Bowl

Visit the National High School Ethics Bowl website for a variety of resources and tips that also pertain to the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.