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Just what we need: Thoughtful, ethical young people are lauching into the world

By Kristen Fuhs Wells, Executive Director
Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Published in the Indianapolis Business Journal, June 2, 2023


In some ways, the scene was the antithesis of what most of us have come to expect. Although they were dealing with controversial questions and often opposing viewpoints, two groups of people didn’t square off and shout at each other. They didn’t resort to name calling or outrageous accusations. And they didn’t hold tenaciously to entrenched positions.

They listened and empathized. They discussed and reasoned. Then, they presented positions based on just and ethical considerations.

Oregon Public Broadcasting Previews the APPE IEB®

OPB “Think Out Loud” host Dave Miller talked to John Garcia, chair of the APPE IEB Council, and Eleanor Jeffers, a competitor and junior at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington ahead of the 2023 National APPE IEB® Competition.