APPE Research Integrity Scholars and Educators sm (RISE)


The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Research Integrity Scholars and Educators (APPE RISE sm) Consortium promotes education and research on research ethics, research integrity, and the responsible conduct of research. In support of this mission, the APPE RISEsm Consortium serves as a forum for academics, practitioners, and other stakeholders to share experience, expertise, and scholarship. The Consortium collaborates with external partners on matters pertaining to research ethics pedagogy, research, and policy.


Call for Papers: The Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum [SEAC] and APPE have recently partnered to provide access to the SEAC journal, Teaching Ethics, to all APPE members. Teaching Ethics publishes peer-reviewed work on a wide range of topics related to the teaching of ethics in all disciplines, though it does consider a broader range of topics in the general areas of ethics, practical ethics, and education re ethics. 

In furtherance of this partnership, Teaching Ethics has plans to begin devoting a special issue each year to the work of APPE members. The first special issue in the planned expansion of this partnership will focus on the work of the members of APPE RISE.  This issue will be guest edited by Dena Plemmons, a longtime APPE RISE member and current APPE Board member, and in collaboration with the associate editor for special issues of Teaching Ethics, Dan Wueste, long time APPE member and former Board member.   

We welcome submissions that address research projects, curriculum development, or other activities you might be engaged in as an APPE RISE member that are addressing the arena of RCR/RI in some substantive way.

Please submit an abstract of not more than 350 words, and a cover letter with full contact information, including name, title, institution, and email and mailing addresses, to [email protected].  Once the abstract has been reviewed and approved by the guest editor, we will ask for the manuscript to be submitted, in accordance with the submission guidelines of Teaching Ethics. Submissions will be accepted through June 30, 2023. 

We anticipate being able to accommodate ~10 articles, roughly 12 pages each, including end notes and reference lists. If a manuscript exceeds that length, but necessarily so, we will take that into consideration. 

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. 


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The realm of research ethics has a long and complex history involving many different types of disciplines, projects, and organizations across the world. Much of the realm is shaped by historical cases involving human and non-human animals in research.  Yet research ethics is much broader than that, encompassing research practice in any discipline or field.  The responsible conduct of research (RCR), a phrase some use interchangeably with research ethics and/or research integrity and others do not, began to emerge in the late 1980s. Over the latest several decades, the need for RCR education and training has been significantly influenced by policies from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and more recently, from the U.S. National Science Foundation.

For many years, APPE has had a prominent role in being part of the conversation related to research ethics and RCR.  For example, in 2006, the Responsible Conduct of Research Education Committee (RCREC) became formally part of APPE. In later years, the RCREC was rebranded as an APPE Special Interest Section. Among other activities, the Section recruited experts to speak at APPE’s annual conferences, discussed latest happenings in research ethics, and created networking opportunities for academics, practitioners, and other interested individuals. In 2019, its name officially changed to the Research Integrity Scholars and Educators (RISE) Consortium. 

Current and Past Leadership

Chair: Trisha Phillips (West Virginia University)
Outreach Coordinator: Jake Earl (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research)

Chair: Jason Borenstein (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Co-Chair: William Gannon (University of New Mexico)
Outreach Coordinator: Greg Kelly (Johns Hopkins University)

Chair: William Gannon (University of New Mexico)
Co-Chair: Dena Plemmons (University of California Riverside)

*In 2019, the Research Ethics Special Interest Section within APPE officially became the Research Integrity Scholars and Educators (RISE) Consortium.

Chair: Dena Plemmons (University of California Riverside)
Co-chair: Anita Gordon (University of Northern Iowa)

Chair: Anita Gordon (University of Northern Iowa)