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APPE RISE Call for Proposals

The 2024 APPE RISEsm Pre-Conference Symposium invites abstracts describing recent research or activities of interest to the research ethics/integrity community. The symposium, titled "Research Ethics and Integrity in a Changing World," will be held on February 22, at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel, in conjuction with the 33rd Annual APPE International Conference.

The U.S. and the wider world have witnessed rapid and widespread change in politics, culture, economics, technology, health, and the environment over the past several years. These recent changes have affected most areas of human activity, including scientific research. How are scholars and educators of ethics and integrity in scientific research responding to these changes? How can they continue to promote responsible conduct of research (RCR) in the face of rapid change? We invite submission of abstracts addressing these questions, and especially those that focus on broader systems relevant to RCR, changes in scientific norms and practices, and recent developments in RCR teaching and practice.

RISE 2023

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